Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Peer Interview

Peer Interview

I interviewed Juliana. She is a freshman at Norton High School. Her biggest fear is spiders and especially hates when they’re touching her. When I asked her what the most interesting thing was that had ever happened to her she responded with “I like to go to caves a lot, and took an elevator to the bottom of a cave one time.” She also loves KFC. “I like anything from KFC, especially their  cookies.

Juliana is not the biggest sports fan but does enjoy some sports. “My favorite sport to play would be cheer, but I like to watch hockey.” She has a sister that she cares for greatly. When I asked her what the most painful thing that ever happened to her was she responded with: “Seeing my sister get bullied. That hurt emotionally.” She has also had a scary moment in life. When I asked her what the scariest thing was that had happened to her, she said: “I was walking home from a skate park at around 1 a.m. and got lost.”

She also seems to be somewhat of a thrill seeker. When I what was one thing she wanted to do before she died she told me: “I want to go skydiving and land on a beach. That would be really fun.” She also has an interest in movies. She told me that “My favorite movie would probably be Toy Story.” Juliana is an interesting person, and was definitely fun to interview.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Long Term Bucket List

Long Term Bucket List

  • Have an outdoor paintball course on my own land. I have always enjoyed playing paintball, and I think it would be very cool to have my own paintball course.

  • Build my own truck. I like to work on cars, dirtbikes, or pretty much anything with a motor on it and I think it would be awesome to one day drive something that I built myself.

  • Skydiving. I consider myself to be a thrill seeker and would love to try skydiving one day.

  • Have my own dirt bike track. I enjoy riding dirt bikes and anything that goes fast, and i would love to one day have my own dirt bike track to ride. ferry_track2.jpg

  • Own a huge yacht. Owning a huge yacht would be very cool for many reasons. You could have your own boat the size of, or even bigger than a cruise ship. Princess Cruise Ship.jpg

Monday, September 22, 2014

Short Term Bucket List

  • Buy a dirt bike. I’ve always loved riding dirtbikes and anything that goes fast.
  • Buy a truck. My favorite kind of vehicles are trucks, especially lifted ones. chevy-trucks-muddingchevy-truck-lifted-mudding-image---cool-car-wallpapers-for-your-6nag2vz4.jpg  

  • Get another job. The job I recently had was only for the summer, and it is now time for me to get another one.

  • Vacation to Florida. I have vacationed in Florida before, and most recently during this past summer, and it is most definitely my favorite place that I have been

  • Join the military. I have always wanted to join the military since I was a child. I will most likely join right after high school, and either Join the Air Force or the Marine Corps.